I Want A One Time Experience

I dont think I would want one of those lovey dovie slowly undress me tenderly kiss me type of first  experiences. I think I would just love to have a woman **** the living **** out of me. Just the thought  of ur supported under her thighs your legs in the air so spread with her face in my ***** telling me how good it tastes. tonguing me in and out ummm baby you taste so good. ahhhhh uuuuuhhhh me screaming tongue me baby tongue me. Mmmmmmm I be that would feel so good to have someone eat you like that. I saw a ***** where a girl was ate out like that, then she was ****** with a ***** that, mmmmmm kept taking turns licking the ***** juice and shoving it in while she slaps my ****. I never knew about slapping your **** until I ***********, I came faster that time. I never stuck my fingers inside of myself either, all i did was play with my **** until I came but after reading lesbian **** I learned you can stick your fingers in side yourself and do the "come here" motion. I came again, I also love to have my nipples sucked, my husband doesnt suck them long enought, I imagine a woman would suck them and know exactly how tenderly licking and paying attention to my erect nipple begging moaning for you attending to each nipple while fingering, fingering me and sucking my nipples, I would ***. I would *** with your fingers inside and your thumb pushing hard on my ****. Everytime I see I have a message, my nipples get hard and i get so wet. For now I can still ********** to my fantasies/
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May 9, 2012