My First Lesbian Encounter

my name is anitha, i am 28 years of age from india working as a software proffessional in a big city,i have a boy  friend who is a nice man and dated him a few times but never got a shuddering ****** from the sex we had, so i had to finger my ***** or use a sex toy to get an ******, to please him i few times have also pretended to fake an ******, but  i can have an ****** only by thinking about other women  while mastrubating, i am not a lesbian fully but i always dreamt about them, untill a year ago i got to meet "sukanya" who joined my office, we became close friends, as she did not had a house to live and was new to the city, i offered my house for her to live as i lived as a single lady in a rented house. sukanya and i became very close and discussed sexual matters and secretly she confessed to me that she was a lesbian,after that day she avoided me for a few days as she thought i would get repulsed from her confession, i talked to her and convinced her that i was ok with her, and told her all about my lesbian dreams, she listened to me with her jaw's open and was surprised to hear my hidden fantasies,we started to admire each other from that day and went to movies togeather talked allday  about sex , one night when she was at home i came late from job, she was watching dvd with her lingaire on, i suddenly entered the room and found her watching **** on the dvd player and my heart stopped for a while when i saw that it was a lesbian **** dvd where two women were having a *********** in 69 position and sukanya was squeezing her nipple and fingering her ***** ,my legs started to tremble and dropped all my belonging's sukanya turned toward's me and her face turned red with shame and she came straight to me all of a sudden  asked me weather i wanted her to do the things the ladies in the **** movie were doing to each other, i was so hot that i said yes instantly she suddenly planted a kiss on my lip's, i was burning like fire with lust, she planted kisses all over my face and neck and she started to disrobe me slowly untill i was in my panty and bra, she held my hand and led me to the bath room she started the shower and we embraced each other she smiled at me and started to apply soap all over my body and messaged my body i still could not come to terms what was going on, she slowely took off her bra and panty,i stared at her privates with amazement as this was the first time i was seeing a beautifull women erotically, she asked me weather i liked her boobs and ***** i dumbly said yes.she slowely started to remove my bra i suddenly felt the shame in front of her and started to cover my breasts she gently removed my panty and started to fondle my breasts, i felt it nice she took my hand and placed it on her breast's and we both fondled each other's breasts we finished our shower and went in to the bed room where the dvd was still running she again planted a kiss on my lips, i reciprocated the same to her for the first time my body was burning like fire with desire, then sukanya started to suckle my left breast and then my right breast i felt that i was floating in the sky she slowely pushed me on the bed planted kisses all over my body and spread my leags as she came closer to my ***** i could feel her hot breath on my cunny,i felt shamefull and tried to cover my *****, it was so erotic that she removed my hand and planted a kiss on my ***** she started to lick my ***** and sucked my **** so beautifully that i felt that i was not in this world,she slowely inserted her fingers into my ***** and started to move it in and out just in a few minutes i had the rocking,****** of my life, for the first time i came to know i had made all the place messy,and i had squirted all over, even sukanya's face was full of my secreations, she wiped her face with her fingers and licked all of it from her fingers,the situation was so erotic she smiled at me and teased me that i was the first women she had ever seen who squirted so much and she felt it verygood,she climbed over me and brought her breasts to my face i slowly suckled her boob's and she took my hand led me to the edge of the bed she sat on the edge and and told me to kneel down and and and asked me to lick her *****. i was a little hesitant, but she was in no mood she held my head and pressed it on to her *****. for the first time i tasted a women's salty,fishy smelling secretion from her *****, it was nice and erotic i licked her ***** as i could and sucked her ****, i inserted my two finger's  in to her ***** slowly she was pushing her hip's toward's me and babbling to herself i felt her ***** hot and juicy after a few minutes she shuddered to a rocking ****** and fell on the bed then she stood up and we both embraced each other and we both slept a sound sleep nackedly on the bed as we had to go to office early morning,from that day onward's we became more open to each other and started to fullfill our fantasies,this is my true encounter discribed for you.

anithashetty anithashetty
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i dont want to be with weoman all the time but i would like to explore a womans body burry my face in her **** and put my tong deep in her then suck her till squirts her juices on my tong

hi, do you like the smell of fishy ***** babe???

It was a great story but I lost my hard on when you said her ***** smelled fishy.

Waoh. I've never been wit a girl. But reading ur story made me so wet

very sexy, made me hard ;)

are you still doing this?

Wow - these are the most fantastic stories can read on this site- girls ******* other girls is such a tunr on for guys and other lesi's too. You make me horny with desire and lust .. looking forward to reading more of your

mmm... made my ***** wet

wow like wooo,tht was so erotic

sexy and hot ... cool..

it made me so hot that i had to ****** myself.