Thick Head.....

Being a lesbian, I have plenty of fantasies. One of my favorite fantasies involves myself & a very sexxi Latin co-worker of mine. She comes out of our place of employment one evening, to see me standing next to my car, that currently does not start. She offers me a ride home, which of course I accept. Once we arrive @ my house I casually invite her into my house and offer her a glass of wine, which she accepts. While sipping our wine she notices the lesbian art on my walls and comments how she didn't know I was lez. I tell her I am. A very freaky one. She expresses how she has always been curious to know how it would feel to have a women's mouth on her ****. I tell her, she should try it sometime, as I'm sure she would throughly enjoy it.. She looks me in my eyes and in a very sexxi voice advises she would like that.  I can't help help but notice her legs as she crosses her legs, and in my mind, I'm sure its to tease me. as I watch her sipping her wine and engaging in conversation with me. My mind wanders to how much I would love to see those crossed legs, wrapped around my waist, as she's riding my ***** ****.

She calls my name and it snaps me out ofmy daydream, she's telling me she wants to see the rest of my house, and I am more than happy to oblige. I take her hand and give her a grand tour of my home, the last room we enter being my master bedroom, taken totally by surprise, my sexxi latina turns and forces her tongue down my throat. Fueled by surprise, I kiss her back, my tongue circling her mouth, tasting her, and becoming even more aroused by the moment. I can feel she has also become aroused by this kiss, and I do not want it too end. unfortunately it does and I look in her soft brown eyes and I they are begging me. Begging me to **** her. Begging me to enter her as she has never been entered before. I lead her to my bed where she sits on the edge of my bed, her skirt hiked up around her thighs. She slowly unbuttons her blouse, to reveal two beautiful soft breast buried in black lace, she takes off her bra and her breast fall free. her pink nipples growing hard by the minute. I walk too her, get between her legs, lowering my head I take a nipple in my mouth and she lets out a cry, which turns me on even more. I'm now sucking her nipple and I feel it growing harder in my hungry mouth. I feel her arms wrap around my waist pullin me closer to her, my body is pressed against her stomach. and she stops moaning. I stop sucking her breast to see what could have happen, she ask me what that is and I look @ her with a look of confusion. She takes her hand and feels the ouline of my **** in my pants. She had no idea, i was strapped. Once again, I see the arousal in her eyes as she outlines my **** thru my pants. . . Take it out, I say and she unzips my pants and the **** head of my thick, midnight black **** shows its head. I feel the wetness between my legs, while she says nothing, just takes it in her hand and begins to stroke it, I feel her hand stroking me, I feel myself getting swollen in her hand as my ****-head begins to ooze pre-***. She takes her tongue, the tongue that was buried deep down my throat and licks the tip of my ****. I begin to moan as I'm about to lose my mind with escatsy. her tongue tasting me, my pre-***. She begins to take th head of my ****  her mouth, sucking the head, running her tongue across the head, it feels so good, my ****, in this sexxi latina's mouth. I want to **** her. I want to bury the **** head she is sucking, inside her latina *****.  want to feel her *** onthe **** that is buried in her mouth right now.....

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I hope its a good mmm