One In A Million Chances

Do you remember when you asked me, "What are your intentions?".  Do you remember my answer? I said, without hesitation, "My intention is to marry you!"  My goal was the love of a lifetime.  That is not much to ask is it?  That is me, swinging for the fences and expecting great things.  It will always sadden me that I did not get to share that life with you.

You may have thought that you had forever missed out on that life with me.  That was not true.  If at any time, you stepped forward and stated that you wanted nothing more than a lifetime of love with me, you would have received a seemingly unending hug, a shoulder wet with my tears, and a hearty welcome home.

Instead, you have made some relationship decisions that have troubled me. You are a good and trusting person, but I think you are also vulnerable due to the unresolved sorrows in your life.  I am saddened that my love wasn’t able to do more to heal your wounded heart and that you turned to others to heal you.

I feel I can no longer reach you.  It was disheartening at first to be pushed out of your life because I thought I accounted for more in your life.  I have loved loving you and being loved by you.  You grabbed hold of my love and embraced it like no one else ever has but this is goodbye. I will miss you but I have moved on with my life and I found strength, stability, and a winner within myself.  I hope that you find what you are looking for because I know I have.

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Thanks HC I had to write this to the ex one lol.

Thanks Hammer.

:) thanks TDK.

Thanks 2E. I just think sometimes that I am not good enough.

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Thanks Rog!

Keep a hold of that "winner within"! What a great phrase! Thanks!

Thanks Dain. ((hugs))