Please Call On Jesus

I don't understand why Jesus is still keeping me, For I have let him down so many times. Just when the devil tells me I am nothing and that I'm not saved, the lord just sends blessings on my way. Remember, Jesus is the one that died on the cross, so we could be saved and not lost.  Sometimes trials comes our way, so that God can put us in our place. When ever you start sinkin low, just turn to Jesus he'll show you where to go. Just when you think theres no hope  call on Jesus he can be found. You better allow Jesus to be on your side, for the time is near, and without him you'll surely die, but death won't stop at the grave, you will burn for ever day after day, so my friend please don't wait to late repent and ask Jesus for forgiveness befor that day, please hear my cry PLEASE CALL ON JESUS BEFORE YOU DIE.....
chosenone2003 chosenone2003
26-30, F
Oct 8, 2007