Umm Im A Dude For The 8th Time -_-

ok so me and my cousin im am 18 and shes like 16 we see each other alot latly so it all started when i walked in my washroom she was like takeing a shower there . so i walked in to go pee but she didnt close the door so she was about to shave her ***** so i sed dont it looks pretty i felt werid . so she called me a prev i was like so ashmed of my self so i walked to dinner quitly and she sat beside me for some reason and we had hot dogs so i took a bite last thing i know she had her hand in my underwear and she started to hj me i sed then at dinner i neeed to go to the washroom and so did my cousin and so i said why did you do that and she said it was pay back . so it was night any way i was sleeping it was like 1pm or something suddenly i saw her hugging me and i was like what are u doing and so i turned on the tv on for somereason it was family guy so she lie down and i notice she was naked and for some reason i was lieing down on her i got hard and so my dickk was like on her but hole so she think i want to do her. so she took off my pants and was so shocked how long it was so she gave me a bj it felt so good she took my shirt off and start to lick my abbs so i did her a favor buy fingureing her and so she was like oooo feells so nice and i said thats nothing so i put my **** in her hole and started pushing my **** in her hole aww she said it feels good and so i said wait its gonna get better and so she sed it feelss good and when i keep on doing slowly so i went faster and faster she started to mmoan a little loader and she started to scream and i said let go out side. and so we did as i went faster she griped the grass and riped some of it off and i told her i was gonna *** and she got so exitedby pulling way *** and pushed my *** in her hole and it cumed and so i went faster soon my whole **** was in her hole and later she was screaming and i then notice i broke her hymen and i told her just a little bit more and there was boold and her hole was bleeding and there were so much orginsamies on the ground so when i took out my **** it was swallon and i took my time licker her jucis and shoved my **** in her hole as if my life depended on it she moaned and we went back in side. so when we went back in side it was 5am and so she went back in the guess room and we acted like nothing happened untill next week she told me lets do this next week
pepsie1238 pepsie1238
46-50, F
Aug 6, 2010