Info To Cope With Lichen Sclerosis

In response to some questions on the panel ...I respond by saying that my recent outbreak lasted for 3 months, in desperation my specialist Dermatologist put me on 2 weeks of Augmenton Due (antibiotics) assisted with Flamazine cream 1.0% silver sulfadiazine, Clotrimazole Anti-fungal Cream and now Ovestin Ovula pressaries. Dont wear undies or pads, and now I am almost clear. It has been the worst attack I have had, but keeping the area dry as you can with only the right cream (no more cortizone) I have just won this round. We can't always go out with no undies, if need to wear undies, buy pads from your chemist that come on a roll, it doesn't have plastic in it and this helps too. Condice Crystal baths are another way to go (it also works on your feet if you have foot problems). My condition was originally described as Vulvar Distrophy, then Lichen Sclerosis... I have already described on an earlier notice that I had a partial vulvectomy and anal excision, this did not work, the disease came back. I know it will never go, but if you take precaution and take care to keep these areas dry and clean, you will have less outbreaks. No sex....yet still enjoy other forms of caring for each other is the best medicine. Good luck, enjoy day at a time.
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Jan 20, 2013