I Lie About My Wolf Side To Humans

I lie about the real me,the wolf me. To my family. They'd never understand. I would also lie to someone I don't know who could be a threat. I don't reveal much info to strangers on here and/or real life. Even though I'm a wolf,I'm as sneaky as a fox XD. I know how to get info out of you without exchanging my personal info. I'm a sly fox. To other wolves I can be myself. Instead of sitting there with tension and impatient around humans. So EP has helped me a LOT to discover my inner self and my wolf side. Thank you EP! ^^ And thanks to my sis littlewolf! ^^ You helped me throughout this crazy journey,and I thank you dear sister. That's my story of how blah blah blah,I just have lots of time on my hands. XD
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All of us need to live this lie of a life. But it keeps us all safe. It'll hurt me, personally, in the future when I have pups of my own to tell them what they are, but also tell them they have to hide it...but it'll be the only way to keep them safe. It's the only way we can continue living the way we do

Yes.... We all must. I'm not sure if or when my mate and I will have kids,or if they'll be humans or wolves when coming out. I know from a vision(don't ask) that my kids will have shifts in the night that they can't control.

I see. I hope they will learn to control their shifts in time. But I for one hope that my children have the active gene, and not be a carrier.

As do I. Active genes are for the best,but I don't want them to be active at a young age. For me the genes will probably be active at...say...14...16 years of age,not telling really...

*No* telling really.

For my children it'll probably be between 12 to 15 since my mate's has been active since 12 and mine had just become active this year (15)

If i do mine wil be either twelve(me) or 13(my mate).

Nice Celestial. I'm clueless on my mate and me. XD

Lol don't worry Goldpaw, I'm sure it'll be fine. But Shewolf good luck controlling your kids XD

Ikr. Im used to kids though. More like controling my mother. Shes goo goo eyes over this stuff. And to think, she hasnt cried once over my sister moving out!!!!

Oh wow. Lol I'm gonna buy my kids chew toys as a gag birthday present one year

I am going to buy them one of those laser pointers attatched to the couch. Just to see how they react. I go nuts over that. (no idea why. Im a wolf not a cat!)


So do i! My mom tried it on my new kitten and we both went for it! The cat thinks im nuts now. All well. What can you do right?

IT'S SO MUCH FUN! I think I had one around here somewhere, and it had different tips for different pics

We have thats in a flashlight. I cant help it! I mean my cat doesnt go for them now so havit all to myself! AWESOME!!!!!!

Lol awesome. My dad has one too, but he hid it D:

That must suck. :(

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I have to lie about a lot to insure the safety of my wolf self. It feels wrong, yet so does dieing for living

Yep. I would rather my family see me as I was before finding out that I am.... a wolf. They see me as a human,and that's the Only thing I want them to see me as. If I revealed my wolf side to.them,not only would they not believe me but I'd be looked down upon as an outcast.

Well, thanks to you too, you're the first wolf I've met, and you're a great friend and wolf! If you ever need somebody just pm me =)

Thank you sis. You too. ^^ Okay.