"Sorry, I'm Not Into Men"

There was this guy, some druggie who must have been in his late to early forties, bragged about having been in jail as if it were a tattoo to proudly display and he was just absolutely OBNOXIOUS.

He kept asking me questions and I lied about everything. My name is Emily, I live in Los Angeles, I'm sixteen years old (hoping me being "underage" would scare him off, but was wrong). When he continued to pursue me in spite of me lying about my age, I told him I was gay.

Lies. I just wanted him to leave me alone. When he didn't care and still wanted to... ****, I'm not mentioning this part... I told him I have a girlfriend. Of course, he claimed that what my "girlfriend" doesn't know won't hurt him. At this point, I was running out of lies to tell and had gotten the idea by then that nothing I said would make this ****** leave me alone. So I cut the lies and just started giving him attitude, rolling my eyes, ignoring him, moving elsewhere, etc.

He didn't react fondly to that and started becoming more aggressive, shouting out for my number, following me around. Eventually I managed to get away from him.

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Get a taser. Keep it in your pants.

so if something like this happens,
you do a dance... slide your hand down into your pants...
pull the taser out and say "what the **** now dude! D:<"

I have a pocket knife. Guess I should start carrying it around...

How big is it?

It's no Chucky knife, but it's not small either. Mid length.

Speaking of that reminded me that I wanted to post a knife pic, lol. How does it compare to mine?

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So that's what happened,

For the most part. The rest is just... Ehh... The guy was an idiot. His friends weren't exactly helping my situation either. Or all the stuff he kept snorting &amp; smoking...

Wow, what a jerk!