Diapers Or No Diapers, Rhumba Panties Are Pretty

Rhumba panties have been around long before my time. I remember seeing silent pictures of girls in frilly rhumba panties. But alas, they are becoming more of a scarcity these days.

There are still a few places where they can be found today. Ladies proper square dance wear, when in costume, call for those super frilly petti-pants just dripping with lacey ruffles down to the mid thigh. And they are a pretty sight indeed when the Lass twirls and those petticoats go out revealing those most girly of feminine frills. I have a pink satin pair that have the lace ruffles all the way around and not just on the bumm area. They are among my favorite panties. And then there are the sports areas, such as tennis, ice figure skating, and cheerleaders. Who hasn't been dazzled by the performance of a group of rhumba pantied girls doing their thing and giving us a glimpse of those pretty ruffles! And lastly, there are girls' specialty boutiques, many of them on line, that still cater to those little girls and toddlers with super prissy rhumba panties, some with wider crotches to accomidate diapers and plastic lined for those not yet toilet trained or still prone to accidents. I have bought them for my Grandaughters so I know that they are there. And let us not forget those of us that have fantasies to fulfill. Yes, there are a number of people out there, especially on the internet that will meet your strongest craving for a pair of satin covered plastic lined rhumba panties in just about any girly color you want, and just dripping with lacey frills, ribbons, and bows. I am fortunate to have acquired two pair of adult baby satin rhumba panties, one in white with baby pink lace ruffles and the other in lavender with matching lace ruffles. I wear them all the time with my toddler girl dressy outfits ( see my avatar ). And what little girls rhumba panties would be complete without a tiny satin bow in the rear above the rows of ruffles as that added final touch. They are made to be seen and not hidden, am I correct?

Now I know that quality ABDL satin rhumba panties can be expensive, but I paid about $20.00 for one pair and about $45.00 for another. So save up your pennies girls and indulge yourself before these all disappear in the growing trend towards the non-pretty, unattractive garments that seem to have the fashion designers under the illusion that things like rhumba panties must be a thing of the past. Phooey on them!

Let's resurrect the interest in girly rhumba panties by showing that there's still an interest in pretty things like rhumba panties. Post more pictures of rhumba panties, preferably with you in them. They aren't just for Shirley Temple any more!
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Rhumba panties are the best. I love wearing them and am wearing a pair of pink ones right now, under my very short pink dress with an extra pink petticoat. I have found them on ebay and now have around 20 pairs. I am a total sissy and love every minute of it. Yes, I do wear diapers from time to time, but I love the feel of the satin and nylon against my skin better. I love your picture. So naughty!


I to love them they go sooo well with my pretty short dress that shows them off with plastic being sooo noisy over the petticoats. The sounds that I love most!!! That just melt my adult life for a little time I fell good about my self .

i was fortunate that i grew up needing to be diapered 24/7 by my mom, due to a "birth defect". and for the same reason, my mom decided that it would be better for me to grow up learning to live as a girl. <br />
<br />
long story short, from a very early age. i was nonchelantly enjoying how wonderfull diapers felt, as well as those frilly rhumba diaper covers and among other things, big and wide la<x>yered petticoats. and since i had outgrown at a very young age, any inhibitions about always being seen diapered and dressed like a baby girl. when puberty made it's first explosive spurting of *** all over my mom's hand and arm during a diaper changing. i was hooked for LIFE! <br />
<br />
i had just graduated from high school, when my mom passed away and finally had to learn how to change my own diapers, as well as how to dress myself. by then, i had absolute no reason to stop enjoying all the wonderfull erotic sensations and sexual pleasures of wearing those frilly rhumba diaper covers and dressing as a girl.<br />
<br />
so, i went on to explore the rest of my life as a diapered (t)gurl. and as luck would have it. the women's fashion trend at the time, had changed from petticoated skirts and dresses, to mini-skirts and short dresses. again, i was fortunate to not have any of those inhibitions about anyone seeing what was under mine. so while other girls my age were trying to be "discrete" by wearing pantyhose and fancy bloomer style "panty covers" or "beaver cheater" style "pettipants" to cover their easily exosed bottoms from under those mini-skirts and ultra short dresses. i, on the otherhand, was enjoying going out and about showing off my frilly rhumba diaper covers. and fortunately for me, my mom had handmade dozens of them to fit me in my late teens. including many that matched the short little girl and "shirly temple" and short "party dresses" she also handmade to fit my teenage size.<br />
<br />
in fact, if you look in my ep profile photo albums. you'll see photos my wife took of me out and about wearing some of those same frilly dresses and rhumba panties. as well as a photo of me hanging our families diapers and panty laundry out to dry. there you will see some of the frilly diaper covers that i have outgrown and handed down to our kids. <br />
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thanks so much for bringing this subject up. it's dear to me too!<br />
<br />
God Bless and keep you all safe.<br />
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I'm so glad that you and others share my love of those frilly little girlish rhumba panties, with or without diapers, Alice. I discuss some about ruffled rumba panties in my stories of Penny and me in dress-up sessions as a kid. Those were truly remarkable events in my life, and I'm sure that through your Mom, you had similar experiences too. What I'd give to relive a few moments of those events again. Thank you for posting your exploits of your memories of diapers, rhumba panties and petticoats. Those were wonderful times to be sure.

I love Rhumba panties

I just love Rhumba panties as well. My Jamie has several pairs of Rhumba panties for day time wear as well as Rhumba plastic panties to wear over his nappy at night.<br />
<br />
I just think they are cutests panties ever - especially on sissy boys.