Ive Loved You For Four Years and Have Not Told You

Well he goes to church with me. we see each other we dont say a word to each other. we used to be friends intill i stoped going to this sunday school class so we have not talked to each other. he is not fat hes not skinny and my friends think im crazy for liking him but there some thing about him that i love about him i love him with all my heart but i cant seem to to get the nerve up to tell him how i feel. some times i have dreams about us but some times when im around him at church i feel like jumping in his arms and kissing him.
Raquanza Raquanza
18-21, F
3 Responses May 13, 2007

If you don't ask him you will never be with him but if you do then you will have a chance. So dare

Yes, go and tell him. If you don't tell him, chances are that you'll never be with him. It does no good to just be in love and not do anything about it. <br />
I totally agree with the person who commented above!

First, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and it sounds to me that you have fallen for the interior of him, which is a far better choice. Life is too short, grab a deep breath and tell him, what if he has been feeling the same way you have all this time? The very worse thing that can happen is that he doesn't feel the same way and you have to move on. But take a chance, If he feels the same way GREAT and sadly if not, you give yourself the freedom to move forward in your life. God didn't place you on this earth to live in limbo. GO FOR IT!!