yep. It has been almost exactly three years.  I think about this person, worry about this person, obsess about this person every single day.  I know I won't be able to tell them how I feel, but it is killing me inside.  I know they don't feel this way about me, and I just don't want to be crushed or ruin our friendship by telling them this. 
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Usually its better to be honest. I had a similar experience. I liked this guy for four years, but no one in my family really approved of him (except for a few members).What's funny is that my sister wanted him, but he rejected her. I finally got up the courage and asked him out. He then told me that he liked since the first day he saw me. So maybe if you try you can have something magical, if not you can move on and find someone new. I hope this helped.

Let go.

IF you have the rare ability to read minds and KNOW for a fact that this person does not feel the same way than do yourself a BIG favor, keep them as a friend and stop obsessing. There are tons of people who will adore you if you give them a chance, but they can't show you that if you keep yourself STUCK in a realationship that only exists in your mind. Give others the chance to love you!!