My Love For Her Burns, Yet I Have Not Yet Told Her...

It was the first day of school, three years ago, when I first saw her.  Right then I noticed how wonderful she is, how kind, caring, and gorgeous.  The only problem is, I am too nervous to talk to someone like her and thus have not really yet done so.  Every time I try to build up the courage to talk to her I can never seem to get her alone, so I am stuck regretting what I have not yet done.

However, just recently I have been trying harder than ever to get to such a point and now I am very confident that I will be able to tell her and hope for the best.  The only problem is that I come from a family in which I have been taught to keep my opinions to myself as otherwise I am only punished for doing so.

My life is so confusing since I first saw her, I just wish that I could tell her even if she doesn't like me... I feel she has the right to know and that I shouldn't keep this from her.  Worst case scenario, she doesn't, best, we'll be together forever.  It seems somewhat we are meant to be to me even...
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tell her, i lied a girl for 3 years and she might me moving away to america so i told her because i would never get the chance again and you also need to tell her before its to late

Well, I agree for the most part with the group, although I have a different experience. I told somebody, after years of going through this strange friendship with her, that I was in love with her, and she told me to never, ever contact her again. I wish now, I would have never done it; I can't tell you how bad the situation made me, if you are going to do it, be prepared. In the end I suppose it is better to tell someone how you feel, but just know that it is very, very hard to deal with negative results. However, you only live once, and you should tell her-you can always deal with the pain.

I think every guy should go up to a girl he doesn't know and just tell her she's beautiful and ask her out. I did it several times and never got turned down (but none of the relationships worked either). Dude - you just gotta jump on the grenade - no guts, no glory type of thing.....

yep. you gotta tell. if only for your own peace

TELL HER!! your right the worse case is that it is not reciprocated, but you have evry right to share your feelings and opinions despite the fact that your family has told you otherwise. Good Luck!!