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In early October 2012, I called my younger sister up to do a favor for me. Without hesitation she said "O.K" come and pick me up! I picked her up at her home an hour later and we headed to my house. On the ride there, she explained that she did not feel well. Me being in the healthcare profession, I asked her many questions and she said "I'm just tired", so that was the end of that conversation. Thirty minutes later, she had a seizure on my floor. My sister has never had any health problems! She was strong and healthy with four kids! She had no history of seizures so this was very puzzling to me. She was taken by ambulance to our area hospital and while she was there she had several more seizures so the doctors admitted her. She stayed for about a week and was discharged. They had prescribed her some anti-seizure medication. She seemed fine until a few days later when she told my father that she didn't feel well. Another seizure! She was transported back to the same hospital for the second time. Just as the first time MRI's, CT's, EKG's, EEG's,blood work, and other various tests were done and they all came back negative with no signs of any trauma, tumors, or negative brain activity. We didn't know what to think! A few days later the psychosis started with violent screaming and hallucinations that seem to come and go and only last for 30 minutes to an hour. No one had an answer as to why this was happening to my sister. We thought maybe someone had given her some type of drug when she was out the night before. She was referred to a Psychiatric hospital because medically the doctors thought she was fine! Little did they know she was not! A few weeks later she was transferred to another hospital that started testing on her right away. The doctors decided to send her spinal fluid to Spain to have it tested. Although this disease is rare, she showed all the signs and symptoms of Limbic Encephalitis. The results came back positive, but before they came back, my sister coded and they transferred her to I.C.U. She is now intubated and under heavy sedation where she had been for a month now! Her treatment consists of daily testing, medications, tube feeding, plasma exchanges and Chemo. There is so much that my sister is going through now I don't think there is enough space for me to state! I get daily calls from the physicians for consent of procedures. Just today November 30, 2012 they performed a tracheotomy on her. She is 24 years old with four kids 8,6,3,and 2. Everyday is a new day and we are praying that she will pull through! Everyday I call or when I go to see her, the staff tells me, "There is no change in her condition". The only thing we can do is wait. The tell me that this could go on for months or even years. She is the third patient that was admitted to this hospital in Houston, Texas that was diagnosed with Limbic Encephalitis. One was Hispanic, the other Caucasian, and her African American, and they were all young! My family and I are preparing for what comes next good or bad!
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My name is Anja Hector and i live in Louisiana since 19 years. One year ago my father was diagnostic with Limbic encephalitis , he is 64 and live in Germany. Just like to let you know that are old people with this illness now. And in Germany no Doctor knows what to do. We are all very frustrated with this. I hope your sister made true all of this. Anja Hector