Hi my name is Mary I am 56 years old. I was recently dx with lipodema. For years I having been telling my Doctors here in Laredo Texas about my condition, and tehy always blew it off your fat. As a child and young adult I was always very skinney. I noticed my body changing after my second child.
I have the classic small top and heavy legs. I have always been self consious of my legs,fat around ankles heavy calves and thighs. When I mentioned it to my first doctor about 15 years ago he said its lipodema. I said what is that ? He said its fat. That was it. More recently I mentionded it to a another doctor that may legs were swelling and again hes response thats the way you are. When I started showing him how my legs were swollen and showed him the dimpling test. He said you dont have any edema. Thats when in return I told him right Doctor with Lipodema there is no dimpling. He finally confessed , well we really dont know much about Lipodema here in Laredo. Since I had worked at a Local hospital I had a OT look at my legs and she said I was a classic for lipodema and if it wasnt for her. I wouldnt have found the doctor I did in Corpus. Before that I changed Doctors again and he alos said he didnt know anything about lipodema and told him I was going to see a doctor in Corpus. He said there is no need to go to Corpus we can learn about it and treat you here in Laredo. (Some nerve he must think I am some kind of Guinea Pig, No way). Anyway I kept my appt with my doctor in Corpus and It was confirmed. Plus I also found out I have Insuffient Venus Disease and of course have 2 arthritic Knees. I am do to have Venus Surgery next month and then I will start with my Lipodema treatment later. I really hope my legs start looking a little more normal. It is a shame us as patients have to do our own research. I have had this condition for about 36 years and always told your fat. Not So. Now I have hope. So now I have 3 problems with my legs the lipodema. insuffient venus disease and severe arthritis of both knees.
Thanks for reading. Dont give up.
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Hi, I am 32 years old and have the same problem. Everyones tells me im way too fat. My thighs, knees and angles are always swollen. I tried so many differents diets and eating plans.I would like to know more about the treatment plan.

I am 46 and have had the same experience. its always you are fat. I too have very bad knees. I was advised to have them replaced and when I went to see the orthopedist I was told I was too fat and would have to suffer with the knee pain. I am hopeful that I can find a Dr. around here that knows something about this condition.