Lipoid Proteinosis And Peritoneal Encapsulation Syndrome

I am 33 years old and recently diagnosed with Lipoid proteinosis.  I have always had a really hoarse voice and pox like scaring from dermatitis as a baby.  In addition, I have coarse elbows.  I had my cysts on my eyelids removed a few years ago.  Up until I was trying to conceive (a few months ago) I had no idea i had this disease!  I went for genetic testing and the doctor tested for this!!! I am wondering if anyone else has this disease and fertility issues due to peritoneal encapsulation syndrome?


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2 Responses Feb 17, 2010

Hi all, I also have Lipoid Proteinosis and my suster as well. I want to go see a doctor about the things on my eyelids. I also went to a doctor and they removed the skin from my elbows. I would like to share some info and help with others. I didnt knew about sites like this so I added a group on Facebook called Lipoid Proteinosis. It might be a little easier to stay in contact with each other.

Hello, I have lipoid proteinosis too. It is the first time that I "meet" someone with the same disease.<br />
Is it possible to exchange some tricks to have less pain.<br />
Thank you<br />