Lipomas And Obesity

Growing up I was always big-boned, maybe because of all the time I spent competing with the neighbor boys.  It was a boys world, and I loved the woods.  As I got older, and began working in a restaurant, I gained more weight.  By graduation my weight was about 175lbs.  It wasn't uncomfortable, and it didn't restrict my life at all.  I can't recall ever having more than blisters, or warts.

The reason I mention the weight is because my family, and doctors, blame everything on the weight.  I now top 350lbs, but, again, I'm not really bothered by it.  What does bother me is that doctors still say everything is caused by the weight.  I have lymphedema on the left leg.  I, myself, believe it was caused by a fall I took in my 30s, but never sought treatment.  The first lipoma I noticed is on my upper left arm. The size of a softball.  I did have a lump between my shoulder blades about 15+ years ago, but when a friend said to try and soak it with hydrogen peroxide, I did, and after doing that for a few months, it did dissipate.  There are signs of it having once been there, but much improved. 

Didn't have a lot of time after that I noticed a large lump growing on my left arm!!  Up until that I hadn't been to a doctor regularly.  The first doctor thought it was a torn bicep.  I had been reading about lipomas, and that was my thought.  While I was in the hospital for an infection, to do with my lymphedema, they did an ultrasound on the lump.  It showed it was just that, a lipoma, though the doctors didn't really seem to be very knowledgeable about the subject.

What concerns me is that it seems to "inflate" as the day goes on, and by bedtime it is harder and aches!  Also, that's when the veins become highly visible.  If it is just a lipoma, why does it inflate/deflate during different times of day.  I haven't met a single doctor that really knows about this subject, and if it does get worse, who would notice [it becoming a danger].

If it wasn't for forums such as this, the world would be a sadder, lonelier place!!  Thanks for all the information, and personal experiences.  I don't feel as alone.

MsHolmes45 MsHolmes45
56-60, F
Jul 9, 2010