I Have Liposarcome

I am looking for people to talk to about their own experiences with leg liposarcoma. Are there any chat rooms or networking opportunities available for this select group?  I have not been successful in finding other people who  have experienced this type of cancer, and I feel alone and frightened.  Maybe there is comfort in knowing that there are others out there who understand the isolation that I feel by having a rare cancer like this.

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My mom had a myxoid lipo sarcoma tumor removed from her leg at MD Anderson Cancer Center. She is going on two years cancer free and is walking with a cane but here in Puerto Rico they wanted to amputate. She's 79 and at 77 survived 7 sessions of heavy chemo and three months of radio to shrink the tumor which surrounded her thigh like a donut. She's a real champion. We also believe in alternative healing so we supplemented with Graviola and astragalus teas and Reiki. Above all God is Good and Archangel Raphael also worked over time. So there is lots of hope in FAITH!

gmon. I had a large high grade sarcoma in my left leg above my knee. I had radiation and then surgery 7 months ago. I am walking now with aid of using my hip . It is scary and it is natural to be..... I guess.... I am all over the board with emotions.. You have to be strong for yourself and your family but I think it is healthy to share your fears as well, but to who? I wanted to book a airline ticket to anywhere and just unload to some poor soul next to me and then get up and walk away. We all use different ways to find comfort, and I too turned upward. I have gained great comfort. I will share something that helps me that might not mean anything to you. That is that during prayer I asked God if this cancer was placed on me for my sins? Was the cancer as a test or trial to learn from? Did He call children or others back to him through death? I don't know why this night He answered these questions, but He did. No was the answer to these questions. I then asked if He helps people here on earth, and He said Yes when asked. At that time He called me by name and said "Scott, I don't take life I give Life. I gave you life here on earth and when it is over I will give you life again." I then felt peace. So, with all that said I still worry. I feel like their is alot of life in front of me, and I try, try the key word to enjoy each day a bit fuller than I did. I do have a desire to help others in their walk out of cancer, and if I can help I hope to.

Gmon, I was diagnosed with liposacoma in December and I had surgery in January. Mine was in the groin area and it was removed along with several lymph noids on the left side. Now, I am on the vigilant scan and review regiment every 90 days. I held off on radiation ba<x>sed on good negative readings, however I am prepared to do it if I think it would take the readings to 0 forever or if we see anything positive, but I'm told there are no guarantee. Scary is definitely a feeling, in addition to disbelief, envy of others with good health and all of those feelings tied to a discomfort sensation within the body from time to time. I am consoled knowing that GOD Plan blesses everyone differently and what is precieved as a shortcoming might be truly a strength. I then seek after Christ and life with joy, thus re-enforcing my christian belief in Jesus and the Holy Spirit (which is my comforter of peace beyond all understanding).

i have a throat liposacoma and have yet to find anybody else who has. i dont know if its the same as in the leg or not but im still waiting to have mine removed, if its even possibal

I also have liposarcoma in my throat. I had it removed about a month ago. It took them over a month to get my diagnosis. I start radiation soon. I see that your comment was from July 2012. Have you had treatment yet?

I have had two tumors removed from my left thigh, in 2004 and 2008. The<br />
tumor damaged the lymphatic gland and most was removed. I then developed lympedema in my leg it became ulcerated, fluid running constantly<br />
and required coverage.

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