Small And So Not Hwp

I have small boobs and can not stand them....I hate them even more so because I am a thicker girl and they so do not go with my body......they are too far apart, my nipples don't even match....they are not bad nipples they just don't go with the size of my boobs.
I weigh a good 175, and have small b' way obviously smaller than the other ....broad shoulders....I am kind of manly in my opinion.
I really hate my body in general, but my boobs are what I obsess over the most......I am married and the hubby says he likes them.....but I HATE THEM AND REALLY THATS WHAT MATTERS TO ME......and when he puts his hands on them its not the whole hand, its his fingertips, i literally feel humiliated when he touches them, i feel they are grapes. so they aren't even a handful for him.....bleh.....i feel like crying a lot of the time...and I am sorry but no man could really understand what its like even if they like small boobs, its not how most women think of themselves ,yes i want to be small breasted,no,when I think of women, I think of women with CURVES, and when you feel boxy like a man its not helpful to a woman's mind.
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You are pretty. And loved. Many people have neither of these in their lives.

You already know your body isn't who you are, so embrace the real you, what's inside is most important. And in that regard, you're a beautiful woman!
You're right, we guys can't understand, fully. But do you really think when we look in the mirror we don't have insecurities as well?
Smile baby, you have a man that loves you, I'm sure you have many friends, and there's always EP :)

Thank you tanner26.
I know very well men can have their insecurities as well, my husband has expressed a few to me over the past year.
No real friends, where I live....its women with drama drama drama.....with other women...i don't need that.....I do need my EP though,lol.
I hope the inside is better than what I think, because its got a lot to beat on the outside for someone to really recognize me......I guess I am too hard on myself.

No doubt you're being too hard on yourself. We've chatted, I know things haven't been easy, but honestly you're a sweetie and I wish you all the best!

:D Thank you hun. I am trying harder I promise. :P

Girl, I don't know too many women who are happy with their bodies. We can always find something to stress over. Now, I could loan you some boobies and still have enough for three more women lol, but hey, I've learned to embrace what I have and deal with it. You are fortunate to have a man who loves you for you, don't stress, enjoy that you have that type of love. There are alot of people with what we would think to be the perfect body and no man to cherish them....Bottom line is, as long as you have some sensitivity and you enjoy the feelings, don't complain.. Hell, buy some padded bras and prepetrate lol

Such a complainer I