Just You 3

I have a best friend whose a guy, and I've known him since I was 16 years old. It was kind of weird how we met. But he's a really good friend of mine, and seems to get me a lot of times, but often tells me I worry too much. This is probably true.

I have 2 friends who are real close to me who are girls, one of them happens to be my girlfriend. See my girlfriend gets me, just as my guy friend does, maybe even more so. She knows I get upset and seems to understand just how I'm feeling. My other friend whose a girl, though we're close and talk everyday, she often gets peeved at me for silly reasons.

In any case, those people are very close to me, they are people I talk to on a regular basis, I don't think I really need much more than that. I do have other friends, but these are the ones who're closest to me.

LylaRocks LylaRocks
26-30, F
Mar 3, 2010