Have you ever just become so tired of people? Of yourself ? Realistically, we don't all have the same value systems and that I can deal with but it is the blind acceptance of so many things that really perturbs me. Very few people seem to question or think beyond the obvious, indifferent to the impact they make on their environment ( and I am not just talking about trees and rivers here). I swear  the Cult of Self seems to have taken precedence. Fighting that within myself too.....
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2 Responses Apr 4, 2007

You are absolutely right....!I think though that maybe I am too judgemental and I have to try to remember that people really have all kids of crap to deal with, including myself. I think that just really have to look at myself more!

Don't be sad...not everyone is unwilling to learn. There are some of us out here who believe in Truth and improving our souls...and, people have too many distractions and piles of bullshit to wade through these days. They need your help, and that requires your patience...don't give up.