Important Lesson

 An important person in my life passed away Tuesday night. She was more that five decades older than I am but we connected at a profound level. She led a remarkable life, from serving in WWII, to being a writer in a popular magazine during the fifties and travelling the world extensively with her children.

She entered my life a low point when I was  depressed and felt alone after dreams and ambitions disintegrated in front my eyes. I was in limbo, in an unfamiliar place, with some acquaintances who did not fill the void of needing family close. The remarkable thing wa s that the obvious differences did not matter to her. My husband and I were Catholic, she was Jewish. WE are black, she white.WE didn't care about the differences, either, as we came from a multi-racial/multi-ethnic environment anyway. She welcomed us into her home and we became part of the family, enjoying many an afternoon tea and dinners. Her concern was real as was her love.

 Her practice of faith is something that many who claim religiousity should emulate. WE were not the only ones to whom she reached out and I know that her funeral today, and her memorial next week will be inundated with those with whom she broke bread, literally and figuratively. I think that in itself is a fitting tribute to a life humanely led. Marion, I love you and will miss our emails.

The important lesson is this: let us not in our various religious efforts forget that at the heart of most ,if not all religions, is love-- love despite differences in ideology and physiognomy.

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My condolences to you and your family for loss...