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I have been living as a woman for over five years now. I transitioned later in life (late 40's) and did so while working at the same place I worked at for years, and still do. I will say that earlier in life it wasn't a deep desire to one day live as a woman but that's how I live now and am happy. If you want to one day follow mine as well as other's footsteps it all is possible and will be very rewarding. I've never regretted my choice.
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2 Responses Jan 23, 2013

I am envious of you....

What a great story. Your employer sounds like it was very supporting, as is your girlfriend.

As it turns out I wasn't the first to transition at my employer though even armed with that knowledge it was a bit stressful for me. Just exposing this side of me to those that know me and not having the ability to hide it afterwords. If it weren't for my girlfriend I never would have transitioned to living as a woman. She's been there supporting me all of the way.

Transitioning basically right in front of your co-workers had to be difficult- they are watching you every day. You are a strong woman to do that successfully as you did at your company. That's pretty remarkable!