My parents got kicked out of their apartment when I was 4, because they couldn't bring up the rent anymore. My dad suffered from manic depressions and couldn't work, and my mum didn't by far earn enough to take care of the family with my dad spending everything they had left when he was in one of his manic moods again. It has been a chaotic time that I have relatively little memory of, but which has left its impression on me during the years.

We have lived in our car for about three days, until my mum forced my dad to have the balls to ring his mother's bell and ask her for a room. We then lived there for about three months. Then we found a new house, where we have lived for nearly one year, before we couldn't bring up that rent anymore either and we got kicked out again. We have lived in a canvas tent on a campsite for three weeks before we were offered a new house again. It's the small apartment we have lived in for nearly ten years. Right now my dad miraculously got over his depressions and has started his own company. He now earns more than most of my classmates. We live in a relatively large house, we're on the stock-market, my parents have a TV in their bedroom and we drive two cars. We live the life my parents called decadent when they were literally tramps themselves. I sometimes find it fascinating.

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Me too but only because I was being stubborn. I moved out at 17 and it did not take long for me to fall flat on my face. I "should have" went home but wanted to prove that I was an "adult". Kind of a "I made my bed now I'll lay in it". I "did" learn the value of a dollar though very fast.