The "hood"

I have lived in the ghetto before,in the number one most dangerous city in USA,and number 3 in the world.That was a REAL ghetto.I lived in the ghetto,but I didn't really live in the GHETTO.The buildings where so run down,that some looked like no one even lived there.I am sure I lived on an active drug dealing street,no one looked out the window after 6pm,police sirens every 10 minutes,high speed chases,rats in our home,we had upstairs neighbors who were drug dealers too,and downtown was the worst downtown in the usa,it was so rundown,it was dangerous to be there at any time of the day.They didn't even answer 911 in our neighborhood sometimes,there was just too much crime to handle.The place I lived in was pretty run down,no matter the price.Trust me,I loved that city,and I am amazed how I avoided all the crime and shootings and stray bullets,and I lived in the worse part of that city,and how we survived,went to an inner city school where I knew a couple of people who were actually killed within the neighborhood,kidnapped,raped,there was not a nice house in this city.All of the nice homes where out of city.There were so many gangs,gang members Ive seen,went to school with,it was just.... indescribable.I am going back there on Saturday to visit,and although they have lots of good things,I'm scared out of my mind.There is no "safe" there are no upper class homes or rich areas within this city,because they will get robbed most certainly.I miss this city that I spent years in,but I'm scared for my life.
NovemberHasCome NovemberHasCome
18-21, F
Jun 12, 2012