Starting Over

The relationship I was in had brought me into a womans shelter. The guy was just a plain, old, ugly, loser, who thought he could control me and manipulate me and phycially abuse me. Well, thats not the case, I was only living with him for two months and the true side of him showed...and there was no way that I was going to stay and take the abuse. I may have to start all over, but I am more than happy too. Before I moved in with him I had my own vehicle, my own place, my own furniture and I let that all go because I trusted this guy. Well, those things don't really matter, what matters is me and my safety and the safety of my daughter. My daughter is still young, she really liked this guy I was with, and I was glad they were getting along. But there was no way I was gonna allow her to ever see the guy I saw, the real evil and scary side of him. I was so glad she was with my family when he went into his rage, it was just me and him when he went psycho.
Well, the day after his psycho, evil side showed, I woke up thinking...what am I still doing in his house? like, don't I love myself anymore? cause if I do love myself, I shouldn't be allowing this abuse to continue...and thats when it hit whats it gonna take. Am I really gonna wait for him to have to hit me to leave? or wait til something worse happens?? like I was giving myself a good lecture. I then told him, the relationships over, I'm leaving. I called this womans shelter and luckily got a spot in that day. I am so thankful for woman shelters...I truly appreciate all the workers and staff and just the hope you feel that you can get back on your own feet and be better for it. Plus, you know your not alone and there are woman in the shelter in the same situation and its good to communicate with the people and laugh and talk...its been a good experience for me. I did what I needed to do, which was to get myself my another place to reside and its all now just the beginning to a better and brighter future :)
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Hi, I am truly sorry you had to go through that. Some guys just don't appreciate when they have someone so special. Glad you got out of that situation. Hope all is well.