Hi (: Question For All Of You Who Lived Abroad

I'm thinking about moving to China in a year or two, to study or work for few years. I wanted to live in China or Japan for years, and I went to a trip in China two weeks ago and loved it there (: the biggest problem is that I don't want to leave my close friends here behind. Who knows if the connection will survive by just chatting online for few years (on top of that there's no facebook in China). Moreover, if I get into relashionship- which is something I'm looking for- within this year or two before I go, the whole thing will be even more complicated.
I don't know what to do- I don't want to part with the people close to me but on the other hand- Well, you know- you only live once, and I believe in chasing your dreams.

So I wanted to ask- Did you find it difficult to maintain friendships relashionships while abroad?
Thanks in advance (:
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I forgot the most important point: if you get into a relationship, then you can resist for one or two years, have your experience abroad, and then go back... or take your partner with you, in case life is better in China or where you go.
One or two years of long-distance relationship can be overcome if you communicate a lot.

I lived in 3 countries. I noticed that living abroad is a good way to separate true friends from those who actually don't care about you. True friends will still communicate with you, give you advice, ask you how it is going, continue to grow up with you while living apart. The others will just pretend you don't exist, and you don't want to keep them as friends.

It all depends if you are serious and willing to do what it takes to keep the friendships going. Keep sharing your experiences of the country with family and friends on a regular basis so they can "participate" in your new life. Expect to change as you live new adventures that they might not be able to understand but keep including them. Good luck, have fun and enjoy every new experience. You will grow so much as a person and learn valuable life experience. I have had the priviledge to live in 5 countries and now my life is full with traditions of each one.

Thanks (: I'll keep that in mind