Hikone, Japan

I lived in Hikone for 2 years when I was a child. It's a mid sized town right between Osaka and Kyoto on the shores of Japan's largest lake Biwako. At times it was great, at times it was horrible. Overall, it was so life changing I have no idea who I would be if I had never gone. Part of me will always be Japanese.

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Part of me is also Japanese....I still take my shoes off when entering house.<br />
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I say Itidutimusu (sp) when ready to eat.<br />
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I miss clean trains that run on time and vending machines for almost everything<br />
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I lived in Kobe then Himeji....I was there for six years but sadly dont remember all the language.<br />
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I've been back 15 years now

I would love to even just visit japan - must have been quite the experience living there!