Liveing In Japan

I am currently living as an international student in Japan. All those around me have definite reasons for being here. Whether it is studying Japanese language or culture, or a deep love of anime and manga, everyone has their reasons. Me on the other hand signed up on a whim, and boy am I happy I did.
Living in japan has been an experience that has made me grow as a person. No longer can my mom bail me out when I forget to pay my power bill, my school tuition or rent. For the first time in my life I'm independent.
I didn’t expect to love Japan as much as I do. I had watched a bit of anime, considered learning the language, but never living in japan. Now I find things such as going to the supermarket and riding buses exciting. The highlight of my experience so far has been my 4 day trip to Tokyo though. I loved the tall buildings, busy intersections, and colorful shops in akihabara, harajuku, asakusa,shinjuku and many more places. What I didnt expect was how much time I would spend in parks. Now in Canada im not a fan of city parks, they are quite often extremely boring but in japan they are amazing.
My favorite of them all was a little gem surounded by buildings on all sides called Rikugein. Rikugien is possibly one of the most stunning places I have ever seen. Every direction was picture perfect, almost like it was out of a fairy tail. Later I found out it was designed around several different famous poems.
I can't wait to have more adventures in japan.
FairyTwinkle FairyTwinkle
18-21, F
Jan 22, 2013