Leaning To Live After Abuse

I have lived through more than 30 years of sexual abuse and trying to get people to understand what this has done to me is impossible. I was 4 years old when my uncle raped me and I told and nothing was done. I told my mother and her response to me was ( "was he clean, forget about it go play".) Because nothing was done I had to go through rape by my uncle and others he let rape me as well (male and female). I was 12 years old the last time he raped me but so many other people had raped me people from everywhere you and would abuse me too. Telling only got me in more trouble my grandmother would tell me how to let men rape me and how to allow women to do the same thing. Grandma would show me what to do by raping me like it was a class she would teaching me. My mother just did not believe me when I'd tell her.First she would say I was lying then the older I got she would blame me by saying it must something I was doing to make that happen.
openblinds openblinds
51-55, F
Aug 2, 2010