I Have End Stage Liver Disease Secondary To Cirrhosis .

I was a heavy drink and at the time I came down with a very bad kidney infection. Not realizing that my kidneys were shutting down and thus backing up my system to the point where I went into full renal failure. I was hospitalized for ovr 2 months and the Dr's did not expect me to survive. Survive I did do however and at this point I have full kidney function now, but my liver has not faired so well. They have removed my Gall Bladder in an effort to alleviate the pain I was in, however I am now so anemic that surgery almost cost me my life. So hre I sit sick and miserable and wondering if there is any happiness for me in this dark tunnel of hell. I no longer drink anymore and to be honest I do not miss that aspect of life. I just find when you are young (36) with a terminal illness, that life can become very lonely even with the vast amounts of friends I have. So I just wanted to start with my quick story and see if there are others in a similar boat that would b willing to share their stories. Would be nice to meet new people who can relate to my life story!
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Hey Lostwill, I'm glad that you posted. Sometimes it takes someone who is going through what you going through to allow you the comfort to talk about it openly. When I first got sick, I lied to everyone because I was embarrassed about it and I didn't want to tell anyone how I got sick, no one would have believed me that I was a victim of circumstance as well as poor judgement. I was always a partier and I figured that everyone would have blamed my liver disease solely on my drinking, but the truth was, that while my drinking certainly had a lot to do with it, had I not had the kidney infection, I would not have been as sick as I was. Being in the hospital for 2 months hanging on to my life by a thread within a year of being laid off from my job certainly did not look good for me, so I just made up stories. I now don't see the need to do that, I am very honest about my illness and I have helped a number of people with their issues. Never feel like you have to hide behind your illness, I have found that the only thing it has done is made me stronger. You no doubt will find this to be true as well. I look forward to hearing from you in the future! Oh and you did not ramble on, it was nice to hear from someone who can relate to my situation. Sometimes talking about it can be a very powerful tool, so bu all means Lostwill, continue to go on and on, all you like. :)

It is lonely iwonder what is next in store for me. This is the first time I have talked to someone outside of the medical profesion other than my partner (God knows how she copes) alot of what you said rings abell igave up drinking around mid june last year and have had to be drained 22 times since my first admission to hospital july 18 2011 my weight fell iam 5'9" and my lowest weight so far was 8stone1pound ihave started to gain alittle enough so they would not feed me through my nose the most ihad drained in one go was14 litres the last time I was drained they only got 4-5litres idont want to ramble on I have to much to say i will see if I get a reply and take it from there. I wish you comfortand hope. Th

Sorry ! I meant to say hope you didnt mind me going on and on. Thanks LostWill

my friends are not friends anymore but sympathizers, i am monitored 24 hr a day, no alone time to breath, always being told what to do. is this what i want for the rest of my life, i have not decided yet.