Fighting With My Body

Hi!  I am clearly new here and do not know exactly where to begin so here goes... About three years ago I as diagnoses with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease-Stage 4 cirrhosis with secondary portal hypertension.  I am 35 years old.  The anomaly which is also the reason my liver was so far gone by the time they discovered it, is that my liver function tests remained normal.  Thankfully, thus far, they still are. A swollen spleen with sharp shooting pains (which I thought was a cracked rib from coughing so hard) is how the disease was discovered. 

Since that time, however, I continue to experience more and more health issues.  I have lost 75 pounds and still losing as they told me to, but as strange as it sounds it seems the more weight I lose the worse I feel.  ??  There are so many issues I have, I won't even try to list them all in this introduction, but I am glad I finally broke down and decided to join a forum with others who share similar illnesses.     
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My doctor says my tests are normal but I know something is wrong. How are you doing now?