Pain & Raised Enzymes Advised - Terrified

Hi All,
I am a long time user of co-codomaol and other migraine related medicines. I suffer from headaches daily and as such, to get through my day pop pills.
When the migraines come, that intensifies, anyone who suffers will be all to aware you will do almost anything to get rid of them.

I have been suffering from pain in the liver region for a few weeks. I had previosuly raised concern over the amount of painkillers i was using but the GP almost dismissed it with a 
follow up warning about staying to the dosage. (If it were that easy).
A blood test 6months ago came back clear after this intitial concern. The blood test done last week prompted a call from the surgery to advise another in 3weeks time. I called to find out more detail as was advised i was displaying raised enzyme levels. My pain (ache) with intermitant sharp pain, is now almost constant. - My terror level is sky high.

I have dropped the pills like hot potatoes and am sticking to water & milk thistle.

I am not a smoker and i rarely drink, painkillers my only vice.

If anyone has any reassurance they can offer I would be very grateful!!!!

I am constatntly reminded that if numbers were of a level of immeadiate worry, I owuld have been pulled into Hospital. I am clinging to this to be fair.

Does the pain go relitively quickly? Is it a warning ? 
Really angry I have done this to myself and my family.


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2 Responses Dec 7, 2011

My doctor said to drink as much coffee as I can and lots of water. A diet high in fiber. Watch out for too much fat, unless medication calls for increased fat intake.I will keep you in my prayers. Oh migraines a friend of mine takes Botox injections. Seems to work for her.

Dear SD, I was sufffering much with headaches, also took much pills. There are some remedies like yoga (breathing exc. or more) drinking herbteas, or ananas or apple or peach juice MUCH for urinating much, as the pain is caused often by too much fluid in the neighbourhood of veins in the brain. For long time nothing but this helped me. Don't worry, just look at other people's lab results, and You will see, not your's are the worst :D Of course, we would like to live a healthy long happy life, being rich... I think those with some serious illness are caring more, and so often have better life and also longer... Please, try to meet people, and learn instead of worrying just alone. My English is poor, but I am here to write You. My liver pains are here, but not so strong, and I can be active with it. I think, for this kind of pains a pleasent activity is good, you can forget, not like the migrain attacks. Later chess, probably will stay, but not now. Be well! G