Chronic Hebatitis B

Been dieagnoses two or three years ago not sure

not sever enough for treat ment thank god my health is perfect they say to me

tho they tell me not to drink tho i do at times go on binges but im careful to take breaks in between to give my liver a chance to repair itself

i take a lot of rest as recommended by my doctor cause some people with this tend to get tired and dont rest then affects them later i do everythin that im told to well most of the time i try

i eat healthy not too much junk food at all in fact hardly ever eat junk food

im a healthy weight

no health conecerns to interfere with this condition its easily controllable

tho ive been told im high contagious and infectious if im cut or injured that involves me bleeding

get yearly checks on my liver to make sure everythin is intact which everythin appears to be on the great side for now we will see in years to come

sure im only 22 so why should it afffect me

they told me ive prob got it from my mother or through a blood transfusion i recieved when i was a premature baby **** sake ah well no worries

its not serious at all and im happy with that  :)

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22-25, F
2 Responses Nov 18, 2009

There are good Doctors that can help you. Just keep on top of it. If you feel a change in your body insist on having bloodwork checked. Will keep you in my prayers.

ah sorry to hear that honey u look after yourself now :-)<br />
im lookin after it the best i can dont worry bout that <br />
<br />