So ...long

i have enought long and slim fingers,and i'm proud!i should work as pianist hehehe...and good for me that i learn the piano,so my long fingers are very adjutant for me... in so many cases they helped me,and  i have a stupid screw loose-to bar my hand to someone's...:P

PhedoRuka PhedoRuka
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12 Responses Feb 15, 2009

Beethoven is epic.....genius

You know i loved to play beethoven's symphony i still remember the notes E E F G G F E D C C D E D C C D D E C and it went one , i loved to play that one, it felt calming :)

Thank you ;)

I play it,but not now...when I'm at my canto classes....

Wohoo you know even I play piano!!!! :D Or no wait used to, havent in a really long time, I miss playing piano :(



oh.. my best wishes for you.. i can't wait.. Hugs* ^_^

ok,i promised!:D

your long finger has a huge advantage playing Piano and Guitars. so. good luck.. And one day play me your music.. i want to hear ^_^

well i play the piano,but i want guitar too!*hugs

i suggest play instruments.. yeah Piano.. Guitar.. that's a good advantage .. i love to listen piano... that's me... Hugs*