My Everyday Routine To Grow Hair Longer!

1) Use oils! Coconut and daphne oil work wonders. Just massage on scalp and roots and leave for an hour or two. Then wash with shampoo.
2) Avoid heat. Rinse hair with cold water and blow dry with cold air. Cold water makes hair silky and shiny!
3) Dont shower too often. Natural oil helps hair grow. Shower every after day!
4) Dont comb hair roughly. This creates damage and split ends.
5) Cut split ends every month, just a little. This prevents the damage to spread and hair feels healthier!

Good luck!
Kittyxxxx Kittyxxxx
18-21, F
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how long is it now?

Prenatal Vitamins also make your hair (and nails) healthy.

Please, what is daphne oil?

It's a greek product. I dont think that u can find it in other countries




no lol


hmu fr yaho or skype,

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Lovely girl with full curtain of hair ...Just have good nourishment in food with lots of Zinc..

God luck with your long hair journey