The Guy With Long Hair

For a guy, I have somewhat long hair. It goes slightly below my shoulders. Unfortunately, it took a really long time for it to grow this long.

In high school I was looked down upon because I dared to grow my hair out. Keep in mind, I went to a school in Alabama. Even those who considered themselves friends and, yes, even family looked at me as being weird or "gay". Through this, I learned to look past harsh words and criticism.

Now, I'm in college. My lengthy hair has helped me in situations believe it or not. Many women around where I live are not used to guys who have long hair. I am regularly asked if someone can stroke my hair. I say yes, and much to their surprise my hair is actually soft. It can be an ice breaker with the fairer sex.

So, I am not ashamed of having long hair. It takes longer to shampoo and whatnot, but it's a labor of love.
kotyfields2000 kotyfields2000
18-21, M
1 Response Nov 29, 2011

Good for you!!! Keep growing!