Kind Of Ready For A Change Though

I have long, naturally black hair that reaches my behind. I've been letting my hair grow for oh, about four years. It used to be super short. Now I think I'm ready for another drastic change. I'm thinking of choppy side banges with chin length hair in the front that angels up and short spiky hair in the back. I keep thinking of my long hair though, maybe I'll miss it.
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4 Responses Feb 28, 2012

when u want to cut ,then inform me i;ll cut it

Most chop their hair off when they go through a major change or have lost someone they loved very much.

Then you will not be in this topic anymore. :-)

Yep, you have a point lol.

hi i would love to come give you the cut your dreaming of ..<br />
its only hair and it will grow back if you arnt totaly pleased with your new hair cut .<br />
please contact me so we can chat about this .. thanks