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I'am Going To Take Some Pix

I want to make an album ,a album for my hair,lol,i will post it tonight,if u are interested!
1prettygirl 1prettygirl 36-40, F 7 Responses Apr 20, 2012

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I would love to see pics of your beautiful hair.

I bet your pics turned out beautiful. you are a very beautiful woman

i can't find my camara

lol well thats a problem!! im a professional photographer, ill loan you one of mine lol

hope you find it soon, sure your hubby would enjoy taking your pic

i need a trim ,it's grown to the top of my butt

no i think thats great, i love long hair. as long as it isnt below the butt

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Lets see the pics! I love long hair too!

Where are you pics? Love to see some.

hey . that would be interesting to see..

I will soon

I love long hair i think it would be interesting to see.

I love your hair. It is so beautiful and one of your most wonderful assets