My hair they straight to my knee length right now and i was thinking i will keep going until they reach to the floor, i've  taken care them very well, they very healthy, super thick and jet black natural color, i just love them and they easy to take care of it, i can do whatever i want to style them, from loose, bun, ponytail,braid, small curly, or big curly i just love them so much and play with them for a hours, you can said that i am weird or different with other it's okay, everybody has different taste and like, so i would say cheers to everyone who had and loves long hair..! :)
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5 Responses May 16, 2012

I hope it is longer now. The longer the better. I love brushing long hair.

You are beautiful. Keep growing your hair.

that is so nice of you

Long hair is great to play with too!

That's lovely!