My Hair

around 10 years ago I decied to grow my hair out long. At this time I was trying to find myself. I dabbled in wicca and other spirtual paths and all said that your hair is your strength so I decided to grow it out. I'm glad I did it makes me happy.
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I think i am very much like you after reading your stories.Someone once told me my long hair is my asset as for some reason everytime my hair is long,i become more wiser and mature.But people says i am one of the rare people look better with short hair, but i don`t care.

My long hair has always made me feel feminine and sexy.

Long hair makes the woman! Especially if she has her hair all la<x>yered on top. Ter cut the length of her hair. The look of all the the la<x>yers up against all that long hair is wonderful. It makes men go wild every time. <br />
<br />
If your smart, a woman should never cut her length.

I dream all the time that someone cuts my hair off I wake up feeling it like whew its not real... Or usually hes laying on it talk about a neck jerker...

It's almost to my waist but I do get a trim every 6 weeks and that helps it grow. I like having long hair you can fix it and look hot. Or you can pull it up in a ponytail/bun when its hot. And men love long hair if my hair is down men compliment men and they say how beautiful your hair is and your hot too... So I definatly will be keeping my long locks...

10 years??? How long is it???

almost to my waist but I do get a trim sometimes any longer than that my arms go numb from blowdrying and straightening and on the scalp part in the back is hard for me to get I have a great boyfriend whom I trained to do the But if I'm home I keep it up mostly.