Long Hair Care Tips?

It's time to grow my hair out uber long. I eat a healthful diet and have gained about 4-5 inches in the past year. So that's good. But despite being super gentle, my thin hair is growing into a long bunch of mess. I have tried a multitude of different hair care tips I find online. But I feel like most of these tips are a bunch of nonsense circulated by hair stylists who want you to ruin your hair and turn to them for help (yes I'm very skeptical). So, I'm turning to real people who actually have fabulous long hair for advice :D

So list of problems:
1. dry, damaged tips.
2. oily scalp when conditioned.
3. dry, itchy scalp when not conditioned.

It may help to note the climate I live in, which is the desert.
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1 Response May 23, 2012

I just saw this. Wow! you and I sound very similar. Have you resolved your hair dilemma yet? I'm taking hair vitamins and I drink between 1-2 gallons of water EVERY DAY! I just had to have 2" cut off of my hair earlier this month due to damage. Now it's very thick (because of the vitamins) and I hope to see some growth very soon. Last year my hair grew only about 2-3" - now that's really, really sad!!! I expect to gain much more this year and we're almost half-way through the year. A little exercise helps also and plenty of rest (I know you've probably heard it all before right?). I know that I'm sick and tired of the same old hair tips. I feel that if you drink lots of water, take vitamins for your hair, massage your scalp daily, Inversion Method, Green House Effect, it should really help! Those are the things that I'm doing right now. Hope that helps!