Loved Long Hair But Always Cut It Short

I had long hair when i was a little girl... but for some reason when i got to middle school i decided i wanted short hair ...i mean really short hair...about one inch was the longest. i was always into dance and cheerleading, so keeping my short hair made it easyier to take care of. When  i graduated colledge and got my job that i have now as cheerleading coach and dance instructer  and got  out on my own i found this great stylist who knew exactly how to style my hair and she always said i had great hair i should grow it out sometime, of course i didn't . When i reached my mid twenties i took her advice and started to let it grow, and grow it did, id go back regulary for trims , but it grew so fast and got sooo long that in no time it was down the middle of my back.I kept it that length for a few years ,because i did wetlook modeling and my hair was always wet but then i then decided ...oh what the heck... i'll let it grow a little  more,4 years later its waist length, i love it ,its sooo thick and soft, and i love the way it feels ,especially when its wet  not to long ago i almost got it cut really short again, i made the appointment, and my same stylist said that she would cut them short if thats what i wanted. I said yes i was sure, she said that first she wanted me to go home and think about it for 2 to 3 days because she didn't want me to do something i was going to regret,  knowing i was going to do this because of something that happened at work,; she made me another appointment and if i wanted them cut short that she would gadly do it when i came in. needless to say, i cried for two days, it was horrible , i loved my hair and i didnt want them short  ever again. When my appointment was ,i went in , she said well, what did we decide, i told her that i cried for 2 days over gettin my hair cut, that i wasn;t going to do it, she was glad, gave me a big hug,washed and french braided my hair. I am one very happy girl to have a stylist like her who cares about her customers, and oh yes i still get trims, but just an inch or so and ill never ever think about cutting my hair short again
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Bet you would be just as beautiful BUZZED!

Good news - keep it long - its more attractive all round