My Hair

So i am Native American and have long hair. it is about 3 ft so it goes all the way to my butt. i love my hair it makes me who i am. i had one guy who told me to cut it . i get complemented about it almost everyday. sometimes i wish i could cut it off but then i'm afraid that i won't look that pretty anymore and strangers would stop complementing me and everything.
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2 Responses Sep 24, 2012

dont cut it , i was going to cut mine really short ,its down to my butt, im sooo glad i didnt. i didnt want my hair to define who i am, but i found out my hair is who i am , id be a fool to loose something that gives me and many others pleasure ...joann

I also love my long hair all 36 and a half inches of it. Ive had people tell me to cut it. But the compliments out weight the dirty remarks. I think people are jelous. Not everyone can deal with and tae care of long hair. Embrace it! Id love to see a picture..