Ok so I used to have duper-long hair as a 4 year old but when school started my mom kept it short for ease of maintainance.It stayed shoulder length til I was 17, then I started growing it out, playing around. I've been trying to grow it down to my hip for about 3 years now, but by the time it gets to my waist the ends are so damaged I'm left with no choice but to hack them off :(. I recently went no 'poo (AWESOME move on my part) and its started growing faster like when I was young but the ends, same story. My mother's hair was mid calf into her forties, all of my father's sisters sport thigh-length hair, so I KNOW its in me. How can I keep my ends from turning into a squirrels tail?
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Try taking vitamins. Vitamin e works well as well as collagen. Give those a try. You young so you should have no problem getting to your length.

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When your hair grows longer as you know the ends split, I was told that when they start to split just trim the ends to get rid of them, having it trimed will suposably encourage it to grow.
I'm lucky that I don't get split ends I think but its just a ridiculous scraggly mess.