I Love Long Hair

Hyyy everyone ...this is kavyani here..
I was born male but now i like to crossdress in woman cloths..
And i have long hair fetish..i want my hair longer and longer...
Can anyone suggest me what type of hair style should i have..??
As i m a cd ..which hair style should look perfect..?? Plz help me ...
kavyani kavyani
22-25, T
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Let's play with your hair

I totally agree with Candicegirl. With long beautiful hair at your age, the styles are endless. Enjoy your youth. Even though I was trained to be a sissy as a youngster, it was still taboo in the sixties.
I did manage to write a book about it. It's called "He's my Little Girl" (M.A. Damien), on Google.

With hair as lush and silky thick as yours, a light body wave would add some gorgeous wavy curls!! I think you would look amazing!!

Go to a hairdresser and tell them you want to look like a pretty woman.

My hair just touches my butt. I like it long and gorgeous! Long is the only way to go, for me.

Even i love the long hair dear :) that is why i m growing n growing my hair

Maybe you shld try different updo's - they are more feminine in my opinion

loose hair looks beautifull on you, Wow

You should leave it as it is I love to see long hair on girls even if CDs your so lucky to have such beautiful hair as you to are very beautiful.xxx

Big hugs love
Michelle xxx

Thanks michelle ..one think i never want to lose in my life is my hair..i just want to be with it more girly type that gives me wonderful feelings of being woman !!

Hi Kavyani let your hair grow then you can put it in any style you wont to,I love to see long hair on lady's as you are but please don't cut it just have the ends trimmed and may be some high lights put in.

Love Michelle xxx

Thank u for addressing me as a 'lady' ..
You can understand how much plesure it gives as a cd.
And yesss i m working on my hair...uptill now it has crossed my soldeir.. !!
I m very excited to keep it trim and make it as simillar as house wife

Wow, Kavyani and Vinaytu...you both are so lucky that you are able to crossdress and keep you're hair long! I'm also a guy (from Gujarat) with a woman's soul within. I've just recently started crossdressing using my wife's clothes, jewellery and makeup but chori-chupke 'cos she'll never accept it if she finds out. I also have a strong long hair fetish (obvious from my user name!) and when I crossdress, I wear a long hair wig and just love the feel of the hair on my back.

Hiii tame gujrati cho..??
Hu pn gujrati chu..
Tame kya raho cho..??
Where fo u live in gujarat..? I m pure cd..

Hi Kavyani dear. Hu pan Gujarati chhu. Baroda thi. And you?
Do you crossdress everyday? How long is your hair? Is it silky and straight?

Hu a'vad thi chu..
And ha mane jyare time made tyare hu crossdress karu chu..
My original hair is now upto my weist..
Kamar sudhi che mara hair...
Nd it is straight black and silky...

i am also hair lover from ahmedabad..
hu amdavad ma j rahu chu..tame kya area ma raho cho..to aapne sara friends bani sakiye...

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if u have long black hair..keep it open....and i am also cross dresser ...and i have long hair fetish to...if u r indian plz give me your mobile number so we can talk..

I m indian dear...
And m frm gujrat..
Where r u frm..??
Muje lambe bal pasand hey...aur me hamesa choti hi banati hu...

mai nagpur se hu..plz give your number...hum bat karenge ...plz

mai bal khul chodhti hu..

Nice....tum muje apna numbr do me contct karugi tumara...

Apke bal kitne lambe hey...???

kamar tak hai..

mujhe tumhare balo ke sath sex karna hai...

Kya tum bhi aurat ho..???
Matlb k tum crossdresser ho..?? Muje apki photo dekhni hey..muje msg karie..

Tum apne bal keise rakhti ho..??
Khule ya choti me ..??

khul rakhti hu...mai crossdresser hu...

tum mujhe apne balo ke sath sex karne dogi kya?

Ha ha jarur kyu nahi...mere balo ke sath to kya mere sath bhi sex kar sakti ho tum...

Ha par muje khule nahi pasand...me hamesa hi choti banati hu..

mujhe khule pasand hai....kale lambe khule bal...tum make up karti ho kya,,,mera khadha jata tumhare rply padhke,,,,dogy style me tumhare lambe bal khub hato me leke khichugi.

Ha jo chaho wo karna...sab tumhara hey..

tum ladhke hona aurat banna accha lagta kya?

mujhe apne frnd me add karo na..

Ha muje aurat ki tarah rehna pasand hey...isi liye to me cd karti hu...muje koi muje aurat ki trah rakhe wo acha lagta hey...me hamesa saree or salwar hi pahenti hu..

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You'll just have to experiment! Get some clips, barrets and ornaments and look at some pics showing various ways to style the type of hair you have. There are lots on Flickr (and elsewhere) devoted to people interested in hair and hairdos. It's fun, just play, try something different each day. Look into braiding, there are lots of possibilities there. Have fun!

agar tumhara hair long hai to use khula chod do aur shoulder pe ghumake agey chod do accha lagega ...and I have add u as friend can we talk

Yes ...r u full time cd..??