Used to Be Even Longer.

My hair used to be just past my butt. I cut it for the first time really (excluding trims!) a year ago, to about my elbow. And I just cut it to my mid back, last week. I have donated all in all 17 inches of hair to locks of love. :)

My hair got to the point, where it was so heavy and I was just tired of not being able to put it up in a bun without giving myself a headache, or putting it in a pony tail without it being pulled out by it's own weight.

Now...I am getting used to short(-er) hair. This is the shortest I have had it since I was a little girl.

When I was in vancouver last year, I saw this girl who had blonde hair down to her ankles. It was beautiful!! I was just amazed at how long it was...and how she could hold all of it up. I wondered if she ever thought about cutting it. She met up with her boyfriend, and began talking with him, so I never got to compliment her. But boy her hair was long!!

cheers to all the long haired beauties out there!! :]

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LOL is a business. They lost their charitable status when it was discovered they sold for profit over 50% of the hair donated to them. Most children with severe cases of disease cannot wear wigs made of real hair because it cannot be sanitized to prevent germs and bacteria. It will disintegrate when sanitized.

Mine used to be past or mid butt too. Now it's about at my waist...I think when I had it trimmed last time she must have turned her head n screwed up LOL <br />
I always put my hair up only sometimes does it give me a headache. What is driving me mad is how to style it. It seems I'm at a time of my life I'm getting bored with it just "being there" BUT of course I don't anything high maintenance. To me this isn't, no blow drying no rolling , shaping .... Now my grey is getting more predominant and I wont die. I think that ruins the hair. By twin girls have long hair too mid back. I have to find that address for donation. I kept the hair from their last cut, must be like 6-7 inches long.

What a great thing to do, giving your hair to locks of love. My cousin keep her hair short for the same reason you cut yours, she needs to short enough that she can put it up without a headache! Her hair is extremely thick, so she keeps it just below her shoulders. I think the people who have hair down to their ankles must have thin hair, otherwise the weight would be too much!