I love my hair but the washing, conditioning and styling process takes me like 2 and a half hours
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I stopped washing mine, after a while it became self-cleaning. I wash it every couple of months and rinse it every couple of weeks.
I once had a girlfriend (believe it or not) who also had long hair, I managed to convince her to give it a try and she was miserable for about 6 weeks but then her hair became normal and she didn't have to anymore. Now obviously this isn't for everyone. For example she didn't wear make-up or wear fancy clothes, so it didn't look unusual on her. Because I run my fingers through once or twice a day it doesn't dread or anything like that. (My gf used to comb hers, but I didn't bother)
The unwashed hair is never the glossy shiny soft hair of the shampoo advert, but it isn't very greasy or anything, and is ok, just normal. But its tough to get through the first few weeks, because it gets greasy and itchy and you are used to washing so its weird.
My gf thanked me eventually for talking her into it...

hear ya there, but its soooooooo worth it

Forgive me, but that sounds...extreme o.o