I Have a Terror of Hairdressers

I don't particularly want to have long hair, but I have an abiding fear of going to the hairdresser--well, of going anywhere, but also especially of going to the hairdresser.  I hate making small talk.  At the moment, my straight, fine hair is down to my waist.  It gets rats nests (snarls) in it, my chihuahua tries to nest in it, and I am sorely tempted some days to just chop it off with a pair of scissors.
Mandragora Mandragora
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7 Responses Oct 22, 2007

hi there i am so so so sorry but i have to admit i am one of those ENTERTAINER HAIRDRESSERS and guiess what, i can chat and cut , and i can cut and stay sillent too , so people if you go to a salon a good salon, the hairdresser should take there Q from you, we know when a client wants to talk, or relaxe or zoom out, that is what makes a salon great ,is sensing how there client feels, so you cant be a mute hairstyler , so if yous are not the small talk clients pick a good salon, go reaguler and then your stylist will get to know you, and they wont try to make small talk, let your hairdresser get to know you, they cant read minds,then yous wont be scared ANYMORE ,

I am afraid of the hairdresser too because they talk alot and I dont like seeing myself in the mirror and they usually try to style your hair and you feel like you have to say you like it when you dont. and I tell them what I want and they always want to try something else and I am afraid they will cut too much off.

I've been a hairdresser for a long time and am not the most chatty person on the face of the earth. However, we do have to be able to talk to a client in depth as far as how they are caring for their hair, problems they are having with their hair, and what they want it to look like when we are finished. Outside of that I think that a hairdresser should zip it and focus on doing their job like you all said. It is impossible to do precision work and run your mouth at the same time. I get so sick of people going to another inferior hairdresser because I'm not "entertaining" enough and then showing back up in my chair a week later for me to fix whatever the "entertainer" screwed up. Sorry had to vent but it's nice to know that there are people out there who just want us to shut up.

Your chihuahua tries to nest in it...you got me laughing there...I could picture it...LOL. Okay seriously, I totally hate chatty hairdressers too. I suck at small talk and usually by the time I get to a haircut apptmt it's after work and i'm tired. I just want to zone out. So I put off cutting my hair too. So then mine doesn't get as long as yours does but I battle frizz as I have curly hair and I don't know if your old enough to remember Phyllis Diller's wild dos...but that's what I get to looking like. I would totally be a client for a quiet hair dresser that came to my home!

i've always gone to hairdressers who don't speak the same language as me or English isn't their first language... sometimes they do try to talk to me but i just give them an indication that i can't understand them and they'll just focus on their job! <br />
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but i think it would be fun if you could cut your own hair :D. i've always wanted to do that.

Hehe! In all my years, I have never found a quiet hairdresser! If I found one now, it would have to be someone who would come to my house.<br />
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Now there's a business idea for somebody--start a business that offers silent hairdressers to shut-ins! One could get quite rich.

Hairdressers are paid to do their job, not make small talk. Start calling places and ask if they have a hairdresser that isn't chatty. Make your desires known and if they can't accommodate you, call the next place. <br />
Short hair is cute, if I could pull it off I probably would. Find yourself a quite barber and make that change in your life!<br />
(You can always have someone with a steady hand and barber's shears cut it for you, but I really recommend finding a place. It'll work out better.)