Wear It Proudly, It Does Not Last Forever

as a kid my dad had long hair. i always knew i would follow in his footsteps and become a second generation long-hair. through some religious choices that were made he cut it off in 1985. i spent the next 8 years trying to hide my hair so it could grow as long as it could before they would make me get it cut. finally, in high-school it got long enough the "jocks" would make fun of me. although i knew it was nowhere near long enough , it did make for a nice target on me. no hard feelings, it is ok. anyhow... in 1993 i cut it for the last time by choice, never cut your hair to impress a girl, it does not work. ever since then i have just let it grow. until march of '09 when i survived an explosion that  burnt 8 inches of my red hair. sadly i had them trim the burned locks. now i am almost back to the length i had become comfortable with. i am proud to say i am the father of my own long-hair child, his choice, not mine. he will be 11. three generations of long-hairs. wear it proudly, it does not last forever ...

grogorthox grogorthox
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3 Responses Mar 11, 2010

So nice to read!

good luck with the competition and letting it grow :)

that is awesome! i love long hair. expecially on men. think it is a sign of contentment with ones self. i seem to have long hair when im happy with my life, and when im not, im always cutting and changing it. mine is short, i wish it was long, im getting it cut one more time this week for a hairdressing competition(model for a friend), then after that im letting it grow.